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A weekly recap of what happened in the U.S. economy and World economy with a focus on oil and oilfield services. This week we look at unemployment, manufacturing, business activity, USMCA issues, and 232 tariffs. We also dive into detail on U.S.oil production and oil inventory data. Ty Chapman - President Five Star Metals, Inc. Raising the Bar for ...]]>
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Video: Ty's Take April 2019 https://fsmetals.com/about-us/blog/video-tys-take-april-2019 https://fsmetals.com/about-us/blog/video-tys-take-april-2019

I discuss the major news impacting oil prices and the oilfield services industry. This month, I focus on the question of whether a wave of consolidation is about to hit the U.S. Shale oil industry and the earnings conference calls from NOV, Halliburton, and Schlumberger to see how their CEO's view the market. I also discuss the U.S. refusal to rene...]]>
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Q1 2019 Earnings Summary https://fsmetals.com/about-us/blog/q1-2019-earnings-summary https://fsmetals.com/about-us/blog/q1-2019-earnings-summary

In this video, we provide a summary of the key points from NOV, Halliburton, and Schlumberger's quarterly earnings calls in which there CEO's give their market perspective. In particular, we focus on the forward-looking statements they make concerning their view of oil markets and demand for oilfield services. ​ Ty Chapman - President Five Star Met...]]>
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Where Does U.S. Crude Oil Go? https://fsmetals.com/about-us/blog/where-does-us-crude-oil-go https://fsmetals.com/about-us/blog/where-does-us-crude-oil-go

The United States is set to become a net energy exporter in the near future. But where will that crude go? ​ Ty Chapman - President Five Star Metals, Inc. Raising the Bar for Customer Service and Quality Connect on Twitter Follow us on Facebook Subscribe YouTube]]>
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Five Minute Fridays: 04-12-19 https://fsmetals.com/about-us/blog/five-minute-friday https://fsmetals.com/about-us/blog/five-minute-friday

Five Minute Fridays by Five Star Metals, Inc. provides you a summary of U.S. Economic and World Economic events and data that effect oil and demand for oilfield services. It is designed to give those in the energy business or oilfield services area a bare bones summary of the information they need to make better business decisions and stay informed...]]>
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Five Minute Fridays: News Impacting World Oil Markets https://fsmetals.com/about-us/blog/news-impacting-world-oil-markets https://fsmetals.com/about-us/blog/news-impacting-world-oil-markets

In Five Star Metals' first ever Five Minute Friday, we look at all the news impacting the U.S. and World economies. We focus on news relevant to the oilfield and oilfield services industry. This weekly summary tells you everything you need to know about what happened in oil markets this week including inventory changes, rig counts, economic data, a...]]>
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