Paris Agreement On Climate Change Goes Into Effect. What Does it Mean for Oil?

In November 2016, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change went into effect. A total of 193 Nations are signatories, 115 of which have ratified the convention, including the United States. The...
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OPEC Reaches Deal on Production Freeze

History On The Deal So finally, we get to give some good news!!!! We have a deal from OPEC on a production freeze. As you might remember, OPEC reached a preliminary...
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Biggest Oil Find Ever in US. Russia Also Gets A Boost.

As everyone in the World knows, things are bigger in Texas. They just are. According to a survey released on November 18, 2016, by the US Geological Service, the Midland Basin...
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Signs of Life For Oilfield Services.

Many of our customers are reporting an increase in business over the past few months. Some are actually getting “busy” again, and some are getting work for the first time in...
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The Week In Numbers for the Week Ending 11-11-2016

In each edition of the Standard, we strive to provide you a bare bones summary of what happened to the price of WTI, Natural Gas, and Brent Crude. In addition, we...
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GE and Baker-Hughes Announce Merger

In what is a bit of a surprise, GE and Baker Hughes announced an unprecedented merger. The deal structure alone is creative and unique. Unlike a traditional merger or acquisition, GE...
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More Q3 Earnings

This week we continue our discussion of Q3 earnings and what the execs had to say. I once again took some relief in the reports we are getting. All of these...
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Some Signs Offshore May Come Back To Life

One topic that I have received numerous questions about is when we anticipate offshore will come back to life, if at all. Some have argued that given the ability of shale...
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OPEC Revises Crude Demand

          OPEC revised its market expectations this week and forecast that demand for its crude oil will rise in the next three years. OPEC now forecasts that demand for its crude will...
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Ty’s Take For the Week Ending 11-11-2016

Several people have asked me this week about what my opinions of the U.S. election results are. And at first, I hesitated to address those, but on further reflection, the election...
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