U.S Shale Production is Back

U.S. oil production forecasts for 2017 and 2018 have been significantly revised upwards due to rising prices and increased production efficiency. The EIA now expects U.S. production to reach 9.53 million...
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Notes From CERAweek Conference

Every year, major oil execs meet in Houston to discuss market conditions, the future, and to hob-nob with each other in rich fashion. Last year, the focus was the tension between...
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Steel Pricing

As the oil industry has come back up so has steel pricing. Although the two have very little connection on a global scale. In fact, steel pricing has varied recently more...
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OPEC Complies – But Why Are U.S. Inventories Building?

One of the frequent discussion in the Five Star Standard is about worldwide production numbers and the relative difficulty in measuring data.  Indeed, in past editions, we have spoken at great...
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Earnings Report Q4 2016

At the close of each quarter, I joyfully (or sometimes not so joyfully) read through the major OEMs earnings conference calls in hopes of finding gyms. I don’t really focus on...
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No One Is Abandoning Asia as Crude Rushes to Market

In one of our articles in the previous edition of The Five Star Standard,  we noted that North Sea crude was rushing to fill demand created by Asia’s oil refiners.  Crude...
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The Week In Numbers for the Week 02-10-2017

  In each edition of the Standard, we strive to provide you a bare bones summary of what happened to the price of WTI, Natural Gas, and Brent Crude. In addition,...
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Ty’s Take 2-10-17

Well, the good news seems to keep coming in. And we remain cautiously optimistic, but more optimistic than we have been. For Five Star, January was still well below our average,...
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Ty’s Take for 01-27-17

This week I’m traveling so please do not expect long prose or an overly complicated analysis. I will save that for two weeks from now, once I have had an opportunity...
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Trump Helps Out Steelworkers?

President Trump announced on Tuesday, January 24, 2017, that he had signed Executive Orders designed to promote construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines which were long blocked by...
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