Video: Ty's Take: March 2019

In this month's Ty's Take, I summarize some of the key points from the other articles found in The Five Star Standard. I take a look at the U.S. economy, the ongoing trade dispute with China, and a key issue I believe could effect U.S. oil production going forward. I give you my analysis and my predictions. Ty Chapman - PresidentFive Star Metals, I...
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Video: Trade Dispute Between U.S & China

As an accompaniment to our article in this edition of The Five Star Standard, we discuss in detail the trade dispute between the United States and China. We look at the underlying issues. And we discuss how this is hot really a dispute about a trade deficit but about the global balance of power. Ty Chapman - PresidentFive Star Metals, Inc. Raising ...
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Video: U.S. Economic and Oilfield Update

An update on the current state of the U.S. economy and major news effecting oil pricing, demand for oilfield services, and the oil industry in general. Ty Chapman - PresidentFive Star Metals, Inc. Raising the Bar for Customer Service and Quality Connect on Twitter Follow us on Facebook Subscribe YouTube

Ty’s Take for March 2019

The article this edition I most enjoyed writing was on U.S.-Sino relations. I believe the topic to be much more complex than a simple article allows and I find it fascinating. Suffice it to say, I truly believe we are not just looking at a simple concern of balancing a trade deficit (or more likely narrowing it) but with competing claims to U.S. Gl...
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NOPEC?? Will the U.S. Pass Anti-OPEC legislation?

Every few years it seems that some elected representative puts some proposed legislation forward to ban OPEC and stop its ability to manipulate oil pricing. Usually, this legislation follows a period of increasing oil prices and seeks to subject governments who are otherwise exempt from anti-trust rules to our laws concerning anti-trust. The argume...
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